Theresa Wright

Years of Service: 1

Theresa is a retired History & Financial Literacy teacher. She spent 25 years working in the public school system which gave her many opportunities for which she is grateful. Travel has always been one of her passions, especially visits to historical sites. Theresa is also a member of the American Pool Association and is willing to take on any challenger! Reading, biking, and meditating take up a lot of her free time as well as spending time with her family and friends.

Roseanne Iannotti

Years of Service: 7.5

Roseanne Iannotti” position=”Years of Service: 7.5″]Roseanne is a World Language Teacher. She has taught Italian and currently teaches Spanish. Her passions are people, culture and travel. Roseanne has three children, three grandchildren, and a Siamese cat. She is active in her local church and volunteers with American Red Cross. Her interests also include cooking, gardening, tennis, going to the beach and above all, travel.

Rick Weiss

Years of Service: 8.5

After a military career that gave him extensive travel opportunities in Europe and Asia, Rick spent 20 years as a history teacher in Trenton, NJ. He still enjoys travel and takes advantage of free military space available flights whenever possible. Rick is active as a boy scout leader and keeps fit with yoga, kayaking, and cycling. Every summer he enjoys the challenge of a week long bike trip with friends and family.

Rhonda Cohen

Years of Service: 1

Rhonda has been involved with travel both personally and professionally most of her adult life. She explored much of the world solo including India, China, Nepal, Europe, and South America and has visited all 50 states! Rhonda served as Assistant Cruise Director on several cruise ships around the world. She’s an avid cyclist and participates in triathlons just for fun! Her big passion is seeing Broadway shows.

Penny Rudolph

Years of Service: 37.5

Penny is a lover of the outdoors and especially enjoys directing tours to coastal towns, charming countrysides, and mountain getaways. The Canadian cities of Quebec are some of her favorites along with Mackinac Island and Cape Cod. She spends her free time with her husband Rich. They often hike on local trails or in the Poconos. She also enjoys curling up with a good book and her cat Stella.