Each tour guest is permitted to bring one piece of luggage for storage in the luggage bay of the coach. Additional bags will be accepted on day of departure only based on space availability and will not be included in hotel baggage handling (the tour guest is responsible for getting the extra luggage to/from their room). In consideration of our Drivers, every effort should be made to keep luggage weight to a maximum of 40 pounds. Under no circumstances should luggage exceed 50 pounds. If luggage exceeds 50 pounds, the guest will be responsible for handling their heavy luggage throughout the trip. A small bag or purse, if carried onto the bus by the tour guest and stored in the overhead compartment on the coach, is permissible. Please do not leave valuables, important documents, or medications onboard, as Starr is not responsible for items left behind. Although every effort is made to handle our guests’ luggage carefully, we cannot be responsible, assume liability or accept claims for loss or damage to luggage and personal effects. It is important for you to have adequate insurance to cover these eventualities.

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