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Clean Care, Our Commitment to You

Clean Care, developed in partnership with Commercial Cleaning Corporation, has been carefully designed in accordance with the most up-to-date CDC recommendations. The result is a unique program created to exceed your onboard expectations. Take a look!

From electrostatic disinfection to enhanced cleaning techniques, Starr’s Clean Care Program is our commitment to you to make sure your trip is clean, safe, and comfortable, putting you at ease during your time with us.

Every motorcoach is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using EPA approved agents before and after every use.

  • Special focus on disinfecting high touch points such as entrance area handrails, parcel rack handrails and door latches
    • Headrests, armrests, seat belts and seat accessories
    • All surfaces in the restroom, including door handles
    • All surfaces within the driver’s area
  • Every 14 days, each coach interior will be completely disinfected using Electrostatic Spray Technology

Onboard air quality you can rely on.

  • Cabin air is completely exchanged with fresh, outside air approximately every 10 minutes
  • HVAC system filters recirculated air with MERV 7 or higher rated filter media, removing respiratory droplets

Ride Smart

  • Face masks are now optional while riding on a Starr bus in the U.S.A. While mask usage is still recommended, we know that everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to health safety. So you can keep wearing a mask, if you’d like to, when you ride with Starr.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are located at the front and rear of coach.
  • We expect everyone to treat each other with respect, and not ride if they have COVID-19 or any related symptoms.

Ride With Confidence

  • We consistently comply with guidance as provided by our industry associations as well as the CDC, WHO, and local governments
  • Our Drivers, Technicians and Staff have been trained in best practices, including boarding and baggage handling.
  • Our additional investments in intensified cleaning and protection help ensure a sanitary environment

A Look At Our Standard Cleaning Procedures

First, it’s important to know that every time a bus returns to the yard, and prior to going out on its next trip, it is professionally cleaned. To provide this service, Starr has an important partnership with Commercial Cleaning Corporation.  Besides working with Starr, Commercial Cleaning Corporation provides services to critical facilities such as hospitals and schools. Together, we have developed Clean Care, a new, enhanced protocol for further ensuring all the Starr buses you travel on are clean and disinfected. Clean Care also encompasses new procedures while our buses are on the road for during multi-day trips.

Enhanced Procedures for Pre-Departure Cleaning

Prior to every trip, the following additional procedures will be in place:

All commonly high touch areas will be treated with Fight Bac RTU, which is a broad spectrum disinfectant.  It is quaternary based, anti-bacterial cleaner ideal for this application.
> See details on Fight Bac RTU here.

Every 14 days, each coach will be completely sanitized using Electrostatic Spray Technology. Electrostatic sanitization is the most effective (more effective than foggers) way to ensure all surfaces in the motorcoach are completed sanitized. The product we are using for the Electrostatic Sanitization is called AirX Spray & Go, which is rated to kill 99.9% of bacteria within 5 seconds of application.  It is also rated for the human coronavirus among a long list of others.
> See details on Electrostatic Spray Technology here.
> See details on AirX Spray & Go Disinfectant here. 

An important note on the products above is that all have a SDS (Safety Data Sheet for the United States) and are appropriate and safe for the applications in which they are being used.

Enhanced On-The-Road Procedures

While it’s important that we make sure our coaches are clean and ready for you when you first step on, we’ve also ramped up our standard efforts to keep them clean when you are on your multi-day trips in the following ways:

We’re providing extra hand sanitizer, and encouraging all our passengers to actively keep their hands clean and germ free.

We’re also encouraging everyone to bring their own sanitizer and wipes for any areas they would like to further treat.

Lastly, in addition to the above actions, we’re asking all travelers to use common sense and follow CDC recommendations on prevention whether you happen to be traveling with Starr or are simply at home. With all information floating around, we highly recommend visiting the excellent CDC website on coronavirus here:

With the steps above, we’re looking forward to making sure any trip with Starr is fun, safe, and will be a great experience to remember.

We appreciate your understanding and are dedicated to continuing to provide you with the highest level of service that you have come to expect.


The Starr Team


Do your motorcoaches have filtered air?
Yes, all Starr motorcoaches have a 2 stage air filtration system equipped with MERV 7 or higher rated filter media.  Additionally all cabin air is completely exchanged with fresh, outside air approximately every 10 minutes.

Are the products you are cleaning the coaches with safe? Do they leave a residue?
Rest assured that the products we are using are EPA approved and completely safe and effective.  There are many companies out there claiming their products can do things that they simply cannot do. We, along with our cleaning company, have selected the appropriate products, all with official Safety Data Sheets for the United States.  Additionally, these products do not leave a residue on hard or soft surfaces such as our seats. 

All commonly high touch areas will be treated with Fight Bac RTU, which is a broad spectrum disinfectant.  It is quaternary based, anti-bacterial cleaner ideal for this application.
> See details on Fight Bac RTU here.

Is there a smell associated with the products you are using?
The Fight Bac RTU solution does have a mild citrus fragrance, but it does not smell like bleach and will likely not be noticeable as you are riding on the coaches.  The solution used for the Electrostatic Treatment does not have an odor and in fact a nice side effect is that it eliminates any odors that might be present.